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Marcus Stroman hints he wants to pitch for the Yankees

Some pitchers in MLB are intimidated by the idea of pitching for the Yankees, but Marcus Stroman is clearly a guy who would embrace the spotlight. 

Marcus Stroman isn’t a pitcher who is afraid to show emotion out on the mound. He also isn’t someone who will be intimidated by the scrutiny of playing in New York City. That could make him an ideal Yankees trade target in the next few weeks.

It’s no secret that the Yankees are in the market for a pitcher who can strengthen their starting rotation. Stroman could be one of the most interesting arms to come available. He’s bounced back from a nightmare 2018 campaign to pitch like an ace to open the season for the Blue Jays. The Yankees would love to add a guy pitching to a 3.04 ERA in just over 100 innings pitched to their rotation.

For what it’s worth, Stroman made it very plain that he’d be interested in donning pinstripes when talking to the New York media on Monday. He claims to be a player who is “built for the bright lights.” Furthermore, the 28-year-old claims to “love” the pressure that would come along with pitching for a team involved in a playoff race.

Those comments are only going to increase the rumors connecting the Yankees with a deal for Stroman. After Madison Bumgarner, the Jays ace is the biggest name who is likely to hit the trade market this season. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the perfect cure for what ails Aaron Boone’s pitching staff.

Some people inside the Yankees organization have serious concern about Stroman’s lack of stature. His 5-foot-7 frame makes him susceptible to the long ball at times. That’s not a great quality for a player who will make half of his starts inside Yankee Stadium.

The other side of the coin is that the perfect starting pitcher almost certainly won’t hit the open market. Yankees officials would love the opportunity to deal for Max Scherzer, but the Nationals haven’t shown any inclination to move him. His absence from the market could easily catapult Stroman into becoming New York’s top trade target.

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If that happens, Brian Cashman and company will take some comfort in the fact that Stroman clearly wants to embrace the challenge of pitching in New York. That doesn’t guarantee success, but shrinking violets don’t often perform well in the Bronx Zoo. Stroman appears to have the mental makeup to thrive on the pressure of a Yankees pennant race.

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