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Aaron Boone is doing the right thing with Gleyber Torres

Aaron Boone believes Gleyber Torres deserves to be an All-Star and he’s doing the right thing by letting everyone know about it.

The Yankees are sending three players to the All-Star game, but Gleyber Torres isn’t among the trio. To put it mildly, that fact isn’t sitting very well with manager Aaron Boone.

Boone isn’t pulling any punches in the media with his opinion that his shortstop deserves a spot in the Midsummer Classic. He called the snub of Torres “a joke” and encouraged anyone who felt otherwise to “kick rocks” during his press conference on Wednesday. Boone’s words won’t have any effect on getting Torres into the All-Star game, but that wasn’t the manager’s motivation for speaking out.

What Boone was trying to do by publicly supporting his player in such a forceful way was to prove to his clubhouse that he has their back at all times. He already has a well-earned reputation as a player’s manager, but currying favor with a young star like Torres will only increase his credibility in the locker room. Such strong words in support of a player have a habit of garnering attention from young players and veterans alike.

When news broke of Tommy La Stella’s fractured tibia many people speculated that Torres would find his way onto the American League roster. Instead, it was Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts who got the nod. The fact that a member of the Yankees’ arch rival got the nod over Torres only strengthened Boone’s resolve to make it an issue in the media.

Boone’s ability to speak so boldly to the media is also strengthened by the type of season Torres is having. He’s got a terrific statistical case to make for inclusion in the All-Star game. Middle infielders who hit for a high average (.295) and solid power (19 home runs and 48 RBIs) don’t exactly grow on trees.

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If Boone needs to have a tough conversation with Torres later this season, expect the 22-year-old middle infielder to give his manager the benefit of the doubt. That’s the goodwill Boone is buying by coming out in support of Torres. It could pay off big for the Yankees down the stretch.

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