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Red Sox need to pounce on reliever market before trade deadline

The Boston Red Sox bullpen has been a disaster this year, which is why they need to acquire a top reliever.

Boston hasn’t been close to the same team they were last year, despite having close to an identical group.

Although their offense ranks 4th in all of baseball, the pitching staff is lackluster. The front office should get ahead of the rest and pursue a top reliever on the trade market. Boston shouldn’t wait, as the bullpen has blown 17 saves this year. There is no time to waste as the trade deadline approaches, and there will be plenty of suitors for relievers. The Red Sox would be wise to start discussing deals, instead of the possibility of ending up short.

Chicago White Sox closer Alex Colome will be a name that is a top option this summer. He is more than a rental, and has ample experience pitching in the AL East with the Tampa Bay Rays. Colome is more likely to be acquired than Brad Hand, who is in the rumor mill. He would be a huge price to pay, but Boston also has little to no established lefty in the ‘pen. Those two are the headliners of the relievers available, but the Red Sox may go to the teams with Tier 2 pitchers.

Boston could go in the division and acquire righty Mychal Givens, hoping to get an upside play. The Red Sox are most likely going to go for a rental, because they’re cheaper and they could get one or two of them. Everyone knows that their farm system isn’t as great compared to previous years. Their playoff hopes looks shaky if the bullpen situation isn’t taken care of, as they’re looking up to the New York Yankees and Rays in the division.

The Red Sox have been disappointing this year, and a spark would be much needed. Adding security in the bullpen will give more confidence in the starting pitchers, as they won’t be worried the ‘pen will put them on the hook. The Red Sox seem tired and uninspired. The front office should add to the team to see what they have. They have underperformed and left their championship aspirations in the clubhouse.

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There are a couple weeks before the end of July, and the Red Sox need to capitalize on that time. Everything has been awry since the beginning of the season, and acquiring relief pitching to shore up the bullpen is the best route to correct themselves.

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