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Watch: Vlad Guerrero Jr. breaks Home Run Derby record

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. put on an absolute show during the first round of the Home Run Derby on Monday night. He broke Josh Hamilton’s single-round record with 29 dingers.

On Monday night, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. went 2.3 miles in Cleveland. No, that wasn’t the walking distance to his hotel, that was how far he sent his 29 home runs during this year’s Home Run Derby.

The Toronto Blue Jays’ young slugger put on an insane performance. He just kept hitting them and hitting them, as more left Progressive Field. Just look at the last few, as he came up on five minutes swinging the bat he was still crushing balls.

This is the most home runs in one round ever, beating the night Josh Hamilton crushed 28 homers in Yankee Stadium back in 2008. Tonight felt a little different because of the change in rules making it more about time than outs. Say what you will, watching Guerrero slam close to 30 home runs in five minutes time shows just how special this kid is.

Guerrero was already making history on Monday night. He is the youngest person to ever compete in the Home Run Derby. He turned 20 years old during Spring Training. Yet, he comes to Cleveland during the All-Star Game festivities and beats every rookie and veteran to ever play in this contest.

It really wasn’t fair to the A’s Matt Chapman. He was having issues with his dad’s pitches, but he didn’t have much of a chance even if a pitching machine was sending him softballs. Twenty nine home runs is something humans aren’t supposed to accomplish.

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This is only the first round, and as we’ve seen with these records before it’s hard for these players to bounce back, but this was an amazing feat to watch. With his blonde dreads flailing with each swing, Guerrero sent another ball to the moon. Now, he’s etched his place in the record books.

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