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What does Jonathan Lucroy bring to the Cubs’ table?

The Chicago Cubs have added a veteran presence in the form of Jonathan Lucroy.

The Cubs are first place in the National League Central and have signed former Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy. He will be the veteran catcher among the established tandem of Victor Caratini and Taylor Davis. While Wilson Contreras is injured, Lucroy is a solid pickup for a Cubs team that is in the middle of a pennant race.

Lucroy has played in the division with the Milwaukee Brewers, so he’s seen the rest of the NL Central often. The backstop is having enough production while Chicago waits to get their starter back, as he is hitting .242 with seven home runs and 30 RBI. Defensively, Lucroy has been about average, with a -1.3 Def stat, and zero being the average. He’s a solid option for a spot starter, and he can control the running game.

The Cubs are getting Lucroy at minimal cost and have some upside. He’s played in the postseason and knows what to do in high pressure situations. Lucroy’s production is worth $2 million this year, and Chicago only had to pay the minimum to sign him. He might only stay with the team for the rest of the month, but the Cubs would be wise to keep him around.

Chicago should hold onto Lucroy for the rest of the season because his experience behind the dish and knowledge is valuable. The Cubs have depth at the catching position now for the year and should be able to hold onto the division lead. He is the type of player Chicago had when they won in 2016, with veteran catcher David Ross.

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Lucroy may not have the same clubhouse presence as Ross, but he can provide the same grit and winning attitude. He also was in a home plate collision this year and is back on the field. Lucroy brings his experience, knowledge, and toughness to the Cubs’ crowded table.

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