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5 starting pitchers the Yankees can target in free agency

The Yankees chose not to bolster their rotation with a trade, but Brian Cashman should sign one of these 5 starters in free agency next winter.

General manager Brian Cashman is being skewered on social media for his failure to strengthen the team’s starting rotation via a trade this month. That’s certainly a disappointment for Yankees fans at the moment, but the offseason will present the franchise with another opportunity to add a big-name starter.

That’s really all Yankees fans can look forward to at the moment. This year’s chance of winning a World Series look to be on thin ice due to the inconsistency of Aaron Boone’s starting rotation. Anything can happen if the team’s arms get hot at the right time, but New York will not head into October as the favorite.

That makes it a prudent time to look ahead at what the Yankees might be able to do in the offseason. The hope is that Luis Severino will return to full health to replace CC Sabathia, but upgrades will still be required. Signing one of the following five starters would give the Yankees a big boost in free agency.

5. Hyun-Jin Ryu

Thirty-two-year-old southpaw Hyun-Jin Ryu is enjoying the best season of his career with the Dodgers. He’s a huge reason why fans in Los Angeles think they’re destined to appear in this year’s World Series. Having an ace with an ERA of 1.74 in 20 starts is a major factor as to why the Dodgers are riding high in the NL West.

It’s unlikely Ryu will repeat that level of brilliance next season, but he’s still going to be in line for a big-money contract in free agency. The only reason he checks in so low on the list is because of his likelihood to stay in Los Angeles. He’s comfortable with life on the West Coast and a move to New York might be more than he’s willing to take on. Look for the Yankees to make him a strong offer, but ultimately he’ll probably re-sign another lucrative deal with the Dodgers.

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