Every MLB stadium ranked from worst to best

Ever wondered which MLB stadium was the best in the league? Which one was the worst? Well, we looked and ranked every single stadium, from worst to best.

No MLB stadium is built the same.

One in Kansas City has one of the deepest outfields in the nation. Another in Miami has an aquarium on the field line that has, surprisingly, hasn’t been shattered yet. The stadium in Tampa Bay has mind-numbing catwalks, and another in Houston has a hill on the back of middle-field.

MLB stadiums are none alike, and to be honest, that’s what makes MLB so great to watch. Each field has a distinct home-field advantage, but some are not as celebrated as others. So that gave us an idea to do some diligent research to rank every MLB stadium, from worst to first.

While some may think that they know how this ranking is going to play out, it isn’t a clear cut as you think. As with every ranking, this slideshow isn’t going to please everyone, so at the end, we will be delighted to get your opinion on which stadium is the best, and which one deserves to be condemned.

Alright, let’s get started!

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