Nationals fans finally have a World Series, and lost their damn minds

Nationals Twitter exploded Wednesday night after their club was able to come from behind once again and finally bring a World Series title back to Washington D.C.

After starting the season 19-31 at the end of May, the Nationals stormed back into the postseason conversation, won the Wild Card game, beat the best team in the National League in the Dodgers, bested the Cardinals, and then had one more come-back win left in them to be crowned Champions in 2019.

The Nationals were an expansion team in 2005, as it was explained over a thousand times during this postseason, so the first player many thought of was their 1st drafted player veteran Ryan Zimmerman. The 35-year-old has spent his entire career with the Nationals and was rewarded with a championship last night.

If it was indeed Zimmerman’s last game in the big leagues, he sure went out in style.

Of course, the Nats fans wanted to hear from their veteran and star player Anthony Rendon after the game.

But after this point, Nats fans were going crazy.

Naturally, the clubhouse celebration was on par with the fans, getting drenched in champaign, beer, and whatever free liquids were available at the moment.

But what made the Nationals so easy to root for was that this team had no business getting to where they got this season, becoming the first team in league history to start so poorly and end up winning a World Series.

And then the Nationals became the road warriors.

Of, did Bryce Harper used to play for the Nationals? Said no one, ever.

The Nationals were turned into Simpson Cartoons, naturally.

But the coolest part of the Nationals winning was seeing all the league’s oldest team in age finally win a World Series, with tons of veterans getting their first title. This angle does the best job showing you all the crucial reactions. Congrats, Nats! You definitely earned everything you got this year.

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