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4 more reasons the Washington Nationals should be proud of this season

Here are four more reasons the Washington Nationals fans should be proud of this season … other than winning the 2019 World Series that is.

Have you stopped screaming yet?! The Washington Nationals have won the 2019 World Series, and we are as shocked as you are. Even though they didn’t take home the highly-coveted World Series title, they gained a momentum that can’t be bought and will likely continue into another amazing season in 2020.

But here’s four more things they (and you) should celebrate as baseball season winds down.

The underdogs

At the beginning of the series, the Washington Nationals were the underdogs and they pretty much said a big “F-you” to the bettors when they not only won but completely crushed, the Houston Astros in Game 1 and Game 2 … oh and Game 6 and Game 7. That’s not too shabby, especially when pretty much everyone on God’s green earth thought the Astros were going to come in and sweep this series. This series was something that baseball dreams are made of.

First World Series

This is the first World Series that the Washington Nationals have seen since it was formed in 1969 (then called the Expos). The team won National League pennant in 2019 and has won its division five times and I’m going to predict that this won’t be the last time we see the Nats win it all. I got chills just writing this.

Forced a Game 7

Like I said earlier, the fact that the series was pushed to a Game 5 is an achievement in itself, one that fans should celebrate. BUT WE GOT TO GAME 7. That’s’ above and beyond anything that even Nationals fans thought they could get, and we had a beautiful series. Rejoice!

Won in Houston

Guys, I’ve said this like four times already — the Washington Nationals were not supposed to win a single game this series. But they did … and in Houston. Then they went and won the whole damn series in Texas. Say what?! The team won a whopping four game this series, all in Houston. That is kind of amazing, right?

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