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FanSided’s best ‘couples’ of sports and entertainment

Couples come in all shapes and sizes and from all sports and entertainment mediums. FanSided is looking at some of the best couples in sports and entertainment.

Valentine’s Day is that wonderful time of year where we all sit back and smell the roses. Why? Because love is in the air! Love can take all kinds of forms, of course, and there’s nothing better than a power couple who knows what they’re about. Strictly platonically, these couples invigorate us, inspire us, and are just all-around great team players that we aspire to be.

There’s no need to get sappy, but if you’ve got love for your favorite power couple, we definitely won’t judge if you shed a few tears or two over them. (Looking at you, Kansas City Chiefs fans.)

And thus, as we indulge in our chocolates and hug our teddy bears, let us read on with heart-eyes as we look at some of the best couples in sports and entertainment handpicked by FanSided’s very own.

Devon Dotson and Udoka Azubuike

Devon Dotson and Udoka Azubuike are basketball opposites with Dotson the diminutive point guard and Azubuike the 7-foot big man who dominates in the low blocks. Together, they’ve led Kansas toward the top of the AP Poll and in position to make a deep run in the NCAA Tournament. The inside-outside attack makes them a dangerous duo for opposing teams to contend with. — Patrick Schmidt

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

One of the most unlikely duos to make a splash this year was Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Some might say the Chiefs were the winners of the Super Bowl, but for others, it was definitely Shakira and J. Lo who dominated the football field. The two brought to Miami songs like “Hips Don’t Lie,” “Jenny from the Block” and “Let’s Get Loud.” If it wasn’t possible to make Miami any hotter already, these ladies definitely turned up the heat and made the halftime performance at Super Bowl 54 one of the best halftime performances, hands down. — Mia Johnson

Lionel Messi and Ansu Fati

Lionel Messi and Ansu Fati are the soccer world’s most wholesome “couple.” Just look at those hugs:

Since the 17-year-old Fati joined Barcelona’s first team, he and Messi seemed to bond instantly. Both clearly know the value of their partnership. Messi has taken the young player under his wing and Fati has provided a spark that could help Messi win another few trophies in his prime. The duo shined brightest recently when Messi assisted on both of Fati’s goals as he became the youngest player to ever score a brace in La Liga.

Honorable mention to: All of us and the USWNT; Inter Milan and Premier League castoffs; Erling Haaland and goals; Antoine Griezmann and any American sports star.  — John Wilkinson

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes

Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes are clearly the class of professional football when it comes to couples. One has the jovial press conferences and the other has the haircut of a mop, the voice of Kermit with strep throat and the arm of a god. Somehow, the two have come together to win the Super Bowl, toppling 50 years of misery for the Kansas City Chiefs. — Matt Verderame

Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl

It’s hard to think of a hockey “couple” more suited for this honor than Edmonton’s Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. This season, the duo are the NHL’s top two point scorers and have a combined 163 points in 54 games for the Oilers. McDavid and Draisaitl are a two-headed monster that have catapulted the Oilers into playoff contention, a pair that combines speed and creativity in ways that take your breath away. Though Edmonton has yet to achieve a Stanley Cup with this duo, the pair are the NHL’s most fun and engaging linemates every time they step out on the ice together. — Mary Clarke

Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian

Sorry, Claire and Jamie. Sorry, Peter and… whoever you choose on The Bachelor. The best “couple” on television is Star Wars’ very own Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian. These two have taught us everything about what it means to be good human beings and… whatever species The Child is. Mando’s heart grew three sizes on the day he decided to save Baby Yoda. And Baby Yoda is teaching Mando something new about love with each adventure. We could all learn to be a little more like Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian. — Mia Johnson

Ed Orgeron and Joe Burrow

Ed Orgeron and Joe Burrow were the top power couple in college football this year. The LSU head coach and quarterback shared a past history of being overlooked and underappreciated. Together, they were an unstoppable duo who are the current kings of the sport. Burrow won the Heisman en route to shattering passing records as the Tigers won the national championship. Orgeron won practically every Coach of the Year Award and won over our hearts with his famous “Go Tigers” catchphrase. — Patrick Schmidt

The Dodgers and Mookie Betts

The happiest couple in baseball right now is the Dodgers and Mookie Betts. Sure, this romance is new, untested, and maybe a product of circumstance, but a two-MVP outfield with Betts and Cody Bellinger is enough to get hearts racing in LA. It’s early days, but Dodgers fans can dream of Betts helping snap their 32-year World Series title drought. Don’t ask Red Sox fans how they feel about their front office breaking up with Betts for financial reasons, but for now, Angelinos are happy to give Betts a place to crash at Chavez Ravine. — John Wilkinson

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