No, Joe Buck is not interested in doing the play-by-play for your sex tape

Joe Buck may need to get some practice reps in as FOX’s No. 1 play-by-play guy, but no, he will not call your sex tape. That would be a disgusting act!

Baseball season should be here already, but like everyone, Joe Buck is waiting for sports to return.

FOX’s No.1 play-by-play man for both MLB and NFL action has stayed busy at home these days calling all sorts of videos people are sending him. If it involves a kid or a dog, Buck will find a way to bring that video submission to live with this dulcet tones. However, he refuses to do play-by-play for any sex tapes he has received.

So no, Buck will not narrate your disgusting private acts. Please stop sending Joe Buck your sex tapes. He’s not going to call them for you. He said so himself on KMOX in his native St. Louis the other day.

“Yeah, I’ve received quite a few,” Buck said. “And you have to be careful. You have to go through these videos like the Zapruder film because you’re worried that there’s going to be something in the background, there’s going to be something hidden like a Highlights Magazine that we should not focus on…”

“Yeah, I’ve had a couple of submissions from let’s say, a man and a woman, that just didn’t seem appropriate to put my voice to in this stage of my life. Maybe later in life, but not now. I look at these videos very carefully and pick the ones that seem the most wholesome to put my voice to.”

Buck has called Super Bowls next to Troy Aikman for years. Nobody says the word, “CAUGHT!” quite like Buck when a receiver comes up with a football. He’s also called plenty of World Series, most recently with John Smoltz in the booth next to him. Basically, he’s seen a lot of things and has no interest in doing play-by-play for your poorly produced sex tape. It’s just not happening.

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