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Justin Verlander donating paychecks to COVID-19 relief efforts

Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander announced that he and his wife Kate Upton will be donating their paychecks during MLB’s downtime to organizations that are providing relief efforts to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen through social media people coming together during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. The sports world has mostly shut down, and even players and owners are getting involved. This weekend, Houston Astros star pitcher Justin Verlander took to Instagram with his wife Kate Upton to offer their support as well.

Verlander noted that he will be receiving paychecks for the next couple of months while MLB is down, and that the money will be going to assist the relief efforts. Upton added that the checks they receive every week will go to a different organization that are helping those in need.

Verlander is the latest player to jump in and give assistance where it’s needed. Players from MLB as well as the NFL and others are donating money, supplies and anything they can to help out where needed. Upton added that they would provide updates each week with the organization they would be donating to and highlight them for the work they do.

Bryce Harper of the Phillies is donating $500,000 to relief efforts in Las Vegas and Philadelphia, while Jason Heyward is donating $200,000 to Chicago COVID-19 efforts. The Astros Foundation is helping as well, delivering supplies to the Texas Medical Center facilities in Houston and donating $400,00 to those hospitals. The Yankees are involved too, announcing a $1.4 million Distress Fund for Yankee Stadium “day of game” employees.

It’s an amazing way for sports figures and owners to give back during a time when people coming together is desperately needed. Between interacting on social media and teams getting involved, this is the kind of action we need to not only see but be a part of as well.

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