David Wells, Curt Schilling engage in not-so-friendly Twitter exchange

David Wells and Curt Schilling were two of the best MLB pitchers of their era. A recent Twitter exchange shows they’re not on friendly terms.

David Wells and Curt Schilling were two of the best MLB pitchers of their era. The left-handed Wells earned 239 career wins, has two World Series rings and pitched a perfect game in 1998. The right-handed Curt Schilling has 216 wins and three World Series rings.

The two were even teammates late in their careers, in 2005 and 2006 with the Boston Red Sox.

Yet if the recent Twitter activity between the two is any indication, they don’t exactly like each other. When Wells was asked earlier this week to name a player that fellow players didn’t like, he provided a one-word answer:

Schilling didn’t take it too well:

Schilling’s somewhat bizarre response — simply that he should have been tagged — seems to indicate two things. First, Schilling didn’t dispute the claim, so he may know that he wasn’t well-liked around the league. Second, there must have been some previous animosity between the two for Schilling to respond like that.

However much Schilling was or wasn’t liked during his playing days, he’s been a center of controversy since he stopped pitching after the 2007 season. His outspoken pro-Republican views and at times abrasive personality have irked many fans and may be a reason why he’s had trouble getting into the Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, a browse through his Twitter feed shows that he’s frequently spatting with others.

Was Schilling like that during his playing career? Maybe, yet at least one former teammate, Lenny Dysktra, did come to Schilling’s defense:

Meanwhile, actor Tom Arnold helped escalate things:

Will this go any further? We’ll see.

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