Minor League Baseball’s 2020 season hasn’t been canceled, despite reports

The MLB has sent a statement regarding reports suggesting the 2020 season has been canceled due to COVID-19. The MLB has denied those reports.

Minor League Baseball announced the rumors stating the 2020 season has been canceled are false. Reports circulated that Minor League Baseball had canceled their 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic. MLB released a statement stating those reports are false on Wednesday.

”The reports circulating tonight that the 2020 Minor League Baseball season has been canceled is false. Minor League Baseball has confirmed with Major League Baseball that no such statement was made. No decisions has been made as to when it will be safe to being the 2020 season,” the statement reads.

Originally, all minor league teams with full seasons were to have their season opener on April 9. Postponed due to coronavirus, the minor league currently has no timetable on when it will resume. If play picks up this year, it will be interesting to see what changes will be made.

How short will the season be? Will minor leaguers play in remote locations in selected cities? That, plus how call ups and send downs will be managed are factors that may change given the circumstances with this pandemic.

One thing that is certain, is that the minors are holding on to hope a season can be played in 2020. Overseas, the Chinese Professional Baseball League is rolling out its baseball league during this pandemic. It is one of the few leagues that are active during this pandemic and it’s being live-streamed worldwide.

CPBL has made a few changes. One being no fans in the stands and a ball club using robotic mannequins to create a gameday atmosphere. Will American minor league teams try that as well? Only time will tell.

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