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Did the Mets just tell us the black uniforms are coming back?

Plenty of Mets fans, as well as some players, want the black uniforms back. Well, they might be getting their wish.

The Mets donned black tops from 1998 to 2011, and had some touches of black on their hats and helmets throughout those seasons. Following the 2011 season, the black was totally discontinued.

Pete Alonso and Marcus Stroman have been dying for their Mets to bring back the black uniforms.

Dominic Smith also voiced approval of the black uniforms returning, as well as a couple of others.

“I mean, the old-school black, that’s obvious, like that should already be in the rotation,” said Smith on SNY’s The Cookie Club. “I say we need to bring back maybe the Los Mets ones, the all-orange..or even the old school 1986 team…I even like the camo every Sunday for military appreciation night. We gotta swag it out!”

Plenty of Met fans want them back, too.

Well, the Mets might have accidentally told us they’re returning.

The Mets’ most recent “#WallpaperWednesday” on Twitter featured a black background with blue numbers and lettering, reminiscent of the team’s black jerseys.

Two of the team’s most vocal stars begging for them to be back, and the team has its first mention of it in forever. Coincidence? I think not.

Looking too far into this? Very likely.

But as Alonso said, why not?

Mike Piazza wore the black. David Wright wore the black. They played the 2000 World Series in the black.

It may not be a team color — but is it that hard to change that up?

The Diamondbacks went from purple and green to red and black!

Officially add black to the Mets’ color wheel, and pay homage to the best players in your franchise. Especially when the your newest homegrown superstar is begging for it.

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