ESPN leaks Trevor Bauer’s phone number so he turns it into a memorabilia giveaway

ESPN leaked Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer’s phone number during a TV interview. Bauer decided to have some fun with it.

ESPN has been able to bring some live baseball to fans recently, as they’ve been broadcasting KBO games. The broadcasters have been conducting interviews during the games, and during one of them recently, they made a massive mistake. Thankfully, the wronged participant is taking it in good stride.

MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer, now with the Cincinnati Reds, was doing an interview when ESPN accidentally displayed his phone number on the screen. ESPN apologized for the mishap, saying, “It was an unfortunate mistake and we sincerely apologize to Trevor.”

Bauer has been an interesting player for many fans to follow during this quarantine, as he’s also gained headlines for speaking out against MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and the Houston Astros following the cheating scandal. One might suspect that he would have been furious over the situation, but instead, he decided to make light of it:

Many callers had been trying to get through only to get a message saying that the number was not available. Therefore, Bauer later posted this update:

So the rules are simple: Follow Bauer on social media, and you could win some autographed memorabilia!

Bauer, 29, is signed with the Reds through the 2020 season. He came over during the 2019 season in a trade with the Cleveland Indians, having several successful seasons there, including an All-Star campaign in 2018. After pitching well in Cleveland to start 2020, he struggled in Cincinnati, posting a 6.39 ERA in ten starts.

Perhaps he’s earned himself some good karma to turn things around for the upcoming season; at least, one lucky fan will think so.

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