Yankee Stadium is getting turned into a giant Drive-In movie theater

It’s not summer baseball, but Yankee Stadium will host drive-in movies in the coming months as a beacon of hope in the return to normalcy.

The MLB season, we hope, is on the verge of returning thanks to the recent strides made by Rob Manfred, the owners and the MLBPA, but that’s not the only reason for New Yorkers to be excited about the looming summer season in the Bronx.

Yankee Stadium will be hosting drive-in movies in the parking lot, featuring live interactive games and giveaways in a ‘carnival-like’ experience.

Perhaps even more important is that the event will be affordable, as well.

“We’re working with city and state officials, and some of our sponsors to reduce cost as much as we can to be able to make this very affordable, and for as many New Yorkers as possible. The tickets will be only online. Also, with the help of our partners, we will be able to raffle a bunch of tickets,” MASC Hospitality Group’s Marco Shalma told Timeout New York.

We have some obvious questions, the first of which is what baseball movies will be shown at the stadium this summer? The Natural? The Sandlot (no, not the sequels)? New Yorkers have a great opportunity to experience some of the summer’s best films near one of baseball’s former cathedrals.

While the official movie schedule has yet to be released, the event will take place every weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, paired with a brunch the following day.

Rebuilding New York to its rightful standing post-COVID will take time, but any return to normalcy is appreciated in the interim.

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