Alex Bregman leaving Klutch shows he’s learned nothing from Astros cheating scandal

Alex Bregman firing his agency over its connections to an upcoming doc about the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal is a seriously immature move.

Is there any player in baseball more brash and unapologetic than Alex Bregman? During peacetime, his dugout staredowns for the TV cameras and general lack of verbal filter is entertaining fare. His middle name may as well be “Let the Kids Play.” But sometimes, as Dave Chappelle repeatedly warned us, keeping it real goes wrong.

Bregman fired his agent, Brodie Scoffield of Klutch Sports, reportedly due to the organization’s ties to LeBron James — the King and his Uninterrupted media brand are producing a documentary series about Houston’s infamous cheating scandal.

If you’re Bregman, it’s your right to seek new representation as you see fit, but the context of the situation is telling. The All-Star third baseman’s statements in the wake of Major League Baseball formally punishing the franchise for stealing signs during their 2017 championship season were not exactly contrite. Defiant as ever, this latest move is a pure admission that Bregman just doesn’t grasp the extent of the wrongdoing of which his team is guilty.

Perhaps Rob Manfred and Co. should have levied harsher penalties against the Astros — like going after individual players. It’s far too late for that now, of course.

LeBron, Rich Paul, and Maverick Carter surely knew what they were doing in greenlighting an Astros cheating scandal doc knowing that one of their best players was a Klutch athlete. This development cannot have blindsided them in the least. As a result, they’re not the losers here.

After all, they didn’t cheat, did they?

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