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Trevor Bauer is furious with Scott Boras over delayed MLB season

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer called out super agent Scott Boras in a scathing tweet on Wednesday night.

Trevor Bauer is not one to bite his tongue. He proved that again on Wednesday night.

The star Cincinnati Reds pitcher took to Twitter for a full-fledged shot at super agent Scott Boras. Bauer stated Boras’ agenda is getting in the way of a deal between Major League Baseball and the MLBPA, something which would pave the way for a truncated 2020 season.

Trevor Bauer torches Scott Boras on Twitter over 2020 MLB season

It’s hard to know why Boras is wedging his way into the negotiations (if he indeed is). Maybe it has to do with the owners’ latest proposal – a sliding scale of pay cuts that would hit the highest-paid players the hardest. Boras, of course, happens to rep many of the biggest names in the sport, but this is just pure speculation trying to connect some dots.

MLB has been claiming for days that not having fans in the stadiums would be a massive loss of revenue, putting teams in the red. However, they haven’t opened their books to the MLBPA, so any claims at this juncture are without proof.

Of course, some of the owners are comically rich even by sports owners standards. The Oakland Athletics are the biggest joke going after announcing they would no longer pay minor leaguers their $400 per week salary. The cost would be about $1 million, and A’s owner John Fisher is worth … $2 billion.

As for Bauer, he’s consistently spoken out about a variety of issues, and now has Boras and others on their toes. It’ll be fascinating to see what comes of the tweet over the following hours, days and weeks.

The MLB season was supposed to start in the final week of March but was postponed with the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the globe. The hope is a season with approximately half the normal games and an expanded playoff field, but with MLB and the MLBPA fighting, there’s a chance we don’t play ball until 2021.

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