Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez facing 2 new counts of child pornography

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez, already facing 21 charges related to the sexual assault of an underage girl , can add two more child pornography counts to his docket.

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez is now facing two additional child porn charges.

The incident in question occurred when the Pittsburgh Pirates were in town to face the St. Louis Cardinals in July. Vazquez allegedly sent lewd photos of himself to the same victim he’d previously been charged for interacting with while traveling with the Pirates.

Since the revelation of such activities came out against Vazquez last year, he’s been suspended indefinitely by MLB and placed on leave by the Pirates as they await an official decision from the courts.

Pirates’ pitcher Felipe Vazquez is facing more child pornography charges.

Vazquez was a two-time All-Star in Pittsburgh and entering his prime as the team’s closer when the charges were initially founded, sending shockwaves throughout baseball. Since, the Bucs have moved on with the likes of Keone Kela and others serving as their closer.

Vazquez was initially acquired in a trade with the Washington Nationals for Mark Melancon.

Vazquez’s attorney previously claimed the victim, who was 13 years old at the time, allegedly lied about her age, suggesting the pitcher never knew he was committing an illegal act.

While Vazquez allegedly partook in a sexual act involving the minor, the majority of these charges stem from photos and videos the Pirates pitcher sent the victim.

The sheer number of charges against Vazquez is shocking, and will all be played out in the legal system.

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