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Max Kepler explains why he wore controversial mask in wake of Minneapolis protests

Max Kelper explains why he was wearing a Blue Lives Matter mask after George Floyd’s death.

Minnesota Twins outfielder Max Kepler caught some heat for wearing a Blue Lives Matter mask in the wake of George Floyd death at the hands of Minneapolis police and the subsequent protests.

He’s now given an explanation.

Kepler claims he wasn’t aware that the mask he had on in an Instagram photo featured the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ logo, as the German native apparently wasn’t trying to make a political statement. Nonetheless, the initial outburst by Twins fans was warranted, and it remains to be seen if all or any of those supporters will suddenly rush to his aide in the court of public opinion.

The 27-year-old is pleading ignorance, but the timing of such an explanation is suspect.

Minnesota Twins outfielder Max Kepler claims he wasn’t trying to support Blue Lives Matter.

Kepler apparently had no recollection of the logo, as he’s not knowledgable on American politics.

Floyd’s killing has led to numerous protests around the country, none more potent than in Minneapolis. While it’s fair to suggest Kepler did not know the statement he was making, it also speaks to the power of social media, and the need to be understanding of the harm one can do just by hitting send.

Kepler found this out the hard way, and is rightfully on the defensive.

For now, we’ll cut the Twins outfielder some slack. His response, which took the pain and suffering of the black community into account, served as an eye-opening comment for those who previously found his one-sidedness uncalled for and divisive.

Instead, he evidently shares in the pain of all those who identify with Floyd, as well as his actual family in morning.

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