Korean baseball team putting stuffed animals in seats changes everything

The KBO discovered stuffed animals are the best in-game spectators.

Behold! The greatest idea to happen to professional sports since putting games on television.

No matter how dumb you think you are, at the very fiber of your being, you have at least one good idea floating around in that brain of yours in your lifetime. You know it’s a total game-changer, but you’re afraid of cashing in that chip and living a life of dumb forever afterwards. Thankfully, someone in the KBO cashed in that chip this weekend. What they gave us was something glorious.

Playing baseball without fans in stands has been part of the KBO season. Some leagues across the world have used all sorts of things to simulate a crowd. Everything from piping in crowd noise, to freestanding 2-D cutouts, to even dressed-up mannequins. It was all dumb and not that funny, if we’re being honest. Well, it all changed with a treasure trove of stuffed animals behind the plate.

Stuffed animals sitting behind home plate made baseball fun this week.

For the amount of geniuses who have existed on Planet Earth, how many of them do you think would have come up with this brilliant idea. Isaac Newton? Nikola Tesla? Albert Einstein? Hell no!!! This greatest idea of all time clearly came from a four-year-old’s tea party in a suburban playroom. Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch, Pikachu, they are all having a splendid time at the ballpark.

This is how baseball can win over the hearts of many youths in the world. Baseball is exactly like a tea party or a video game except for the fact it’s absolutely not like either. What baseball is at its core is quirky, who doesn’t love that? It’s the only game where the defense possesses the ball. There’s no time to worry about and all you’re trying to do is be safe and go home! This. Is. Great!

So when the MLB stops arguing about dollars and cents and get some real sense going, let’s hope Chavez Ravine is littered with grosses upon grosses of Pikachus capped in Dodger Blue. You want a kid to pay attention? Make it a Where’s Waldo. It’ll take some getting used to for Clayton Kershaw, but that’s why he gets paid the big bucks. Unlike the postseason, it’s not that hard.

Until the day we can put our butts back in seats, put a stuffed panda bear in my place for me, okay.

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