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Cubs and Cards fans can unite with joy over new Sammy Sosa-Mark McGwire doc teaser

ESPN’s latest clip previewing ‘Long Gone Summer’ is sure to fire MLB fans up

After all the hype and success of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ featuring Michael Jordan and the legendary Chicago Bulls team of the 90’s, the Worldwide Leader in Sports is back with another documentary that’s sure to pause the country.

For MLB fans out there, they surely can’t wait for their newest project, ‘Long Gone Summer’, to come out, as it will highlight the epic home run battle between former Chicago Cubs superstar Sammy Sosa and legendary St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire from the 1998 campaign.

Well, if you need something to fire you up, go ahead and take a look at ESPN’s latest clip previewing things. It’s sure to get you pumped.

Long Gone Summer is going to fill the summer baseball void

Goodness, that video right there is absolute gold. ‘Long Gone Summer’ will make its debut on ESPN on Sunday, June 14, and it truly can’t arrive any sooner. With the MLB campaign up in the air right now, baseball supporters everywhere need something exciting to bring them to life. This documentary will do just that.

As many out there remember, Sosa and McGwire went back and forth throughout the summer of 1998 to try and not only take down Roger Maris’s record of 61 home runs, but to finish on top of the other as well.

In what was one of the most iconic battles we’ve seen in the bigs, McGwire outmuscled Sosa, finishing the year with 70 blasts. Sosa had a historic season himself, belting 66 dingers.

For both Cubs Nation and Cardinals Nation, ‘Long Gone Summer’ will bring back so many amazing memories. We can’t wait for the first episode to get here ourselves.

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