Mets next greatest ownership hope is straight out of left field

The New York Mets may finally have a legitimate figure opting for ownership stake in Josh Harris.

Mets fans’ rollercoaster of emotions is unlikely to end anytime soon, as another prominent sports billionaire has entered the fray as an interested owner.

Josh Harris, the owner of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and NHL’s New Jersey Devils, has expressed some curiosity in trying his hand at majority control of an MLB team. The Mets fit his profile, as Harris’ northeast roots place the Queens-occupied squad squarely in his territory.

However, as Mets fans have learned the hard way, initial interest by no means secures the deal, as the Wilpons failed to close an agreement with Steve Cohen for 80% control just months ago.

Could the New York Mets ownership fiasco finally be nearing an end with Josh Harris?

The Wilpons’ deal with Cohen was for a staggering $2.6 billion, but fell through thanks to a last-second negotiating ploy to the alter timetable for control.

Fred Wilpon long ago emerged as an enemy to Mets supporters, as he failed to provide the necessary funds for the team to keep up with their neighbors in the Bronx, and was involved in the Bernie Madoff scandal.

The Mets were deemed a failing business before Cohen’s initial approach, as they reportedly lose about $50 million annually. That’s a tough sell for ownership, but the market they reside in still makes the property quite valuable for an interested baseball ambassador who has money to invest in the right upgrades.

Harris’ valuation suggests he’d be an upgrade over the Wilpons, but a devil’s advocate will wonder if his previous engagements would get in the way of upgrading a franchise that desperately needs it, especially in terms of roster flexibility.

Nonetheless, considering the Mets struggles to emerge past this period of ownership drama, perhaps fans should show appreciation for any mogul who dares put pen to paper.

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