Trevor Bauer’s Twitter feed after latest MLB season negotiation downturn is exactly what fans need

While reports of MLB season negotiations are all doom and gloom, Trevor Bauer has a different take.

There is no more opinionated player in baseball these days than Trevor Bauer, and he’s had his Twitter-prints all over the negotiations for a shortened MLB season, as owners and players fight over financial compensation.

While owners continue to try and force players to go back on a pre-negotiated agreement on prorated salaries, the MLBPA is having none of it, even after Rob Manfred and his ragtag group of billionaires sent another offer on Monday. Said offer pitched players taking 75% of their salaries, rather than the entirety, over a span of games both sides have yet to fully agree to.

Trevor Bauer still believes there will be a 2020 MLB season

Several players have tweeted an initial reply to the owners’ latest offer, including a Cincinnati Reds starter in Bauer. The 29-year-old’s initial tweet suggested negotiations took a significant downturn which was perhaps irreparable.

Shortly thereafter, however, a fan asked him straight up if he thought there’d be a season this Summer. The answer, while merely one opinion, is encouraging.

For those of us looking for some humor in a challenging time without sports, Bauer also has the answer. Is there any better gif to sum up these negotiations than the one Bauer just provided?

If Bauer and the players have their way, baseball will be back, but on their terms. Don’t expect them to stay silent until then, of course.

Such negotiations are unprecedented, and perhaps a sign of things to come with the CBA set to expire at the end of the 2021 season. Any sort of agreement would increase relations between the two sides heading into the tension-filled discussion of the years to come.

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