Red Sox respond to Torii Hunter’s comments about racist fans

The Boston Red Sox released a statement supporting Torii Hunter’s story on racist fans at Fenway Park.

The Boston Red Sox have come to the defense of Torii Hunter and others who have experienced fans imposing their hate speech at Fenway Park.

Hunter, the former nine-time Golden Glove centerfielder who played 19 seasons in the MLB, recently shared he was constantly harassed with racial slurs by fans at Fenway Park. Being called the “N” word over 100-times by fans in Boston, both adults and children, factored into Hunter not signing with the Red Sox when he had a chance late in his career. The Red Sox supported Hunter and others who shared a similar experience, tweeting about the issue on Wednesday.

“This is real,” the Red Sox tweeted with their statement elaborating on the issue:

“Torii Hunter’s experience is real. If you doubt him because you’ve never heard it yourself, take it from us, it happens,” the Red Sox said.

During the 2019 season, there were seven reported incidents at Fenway Park where fans used racial slurs, according to the team.

“Those are just the ones we know about,” the team said. “And it’s not only players. It happens to the dedicated Black employees who work for us on game days. Their uniforms may be different, but their voices and experiences are just as important.

“We are grateful to everyone who has spoken up and remain committed to using our platform to amplify the many voices who are calling out injustice.”

There are consequences for using racial slurs at Fenway Park. However, the Red Sox admittedly say they need to do more to enforce they do not tolerate that behavior.

”This small group of fans does not represent who we are, but are rather a reflection of larger systemic issues that as an organization we need to address,” the Red Sox said. “True change starts from within, and as we identify how we can do better, please know we are listening. We hear you, and we believe you.”

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