MLB players are not subtle on Twitter about dislike of the latest return proposal

MLB seems no closer to returning, as the league’s latest proposal has been met with subtweets from players.

Another day in baseball, another return to play proposal from either the MLB or the MLBPA that will likely not pass due to the stalemate between the two sides. Unlike the NBA or NHL, where the leagues and its players mostly see eye-to-eye on returning to play this year, baseball is far more uncertain in that regard.

Earlier in the week, the MLBPA made their latest offer to the owners, proposing an 89-game season with full prorated salaries. While the players made some concessions in the proposal, it was rejected by the owners, as was the owners’ proposal of a 76-game season and a 25 percent reduction in prorated play.

On Friday, Bob Nightengale first reported that the MLB has officially made another proposal to the players, this time with a 72-game season starting on July 14. This proposal has an 80 percent guarantee of their prorated salaries with a postseason and 70 percent with no postseason. The deal expires Sunday, according to the offer.

People quickly figured out that the 72-game season with a 70 percent prorated salary is exactly the same as a 50-game season at full prorated pay, a strange line to draw if you are the MLB.

The players make it clear they detest the latest MLB return proposal.

Mere moments after the offer surfaced on Twitter, baseball players were quick to chime in with their thoughts on the new deal. Safe to say, they’re not a fan!

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen followed up on his response — which echoed his blunt reaction earlier in the week at the previous offer — with a bit more explanation.

Other players, such as Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Trevor Williams and Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Brett Anderson offered their thoughts.

Also, while this isn’t a player’s tweet, I did find this meme from Sports Illustrated’s Emma Baccellieri to be incredibly timely.

While the players have until Sunday to accept the offer, first blush on Twitter reactions gives off the impression that the deal won’t be taken any time soon by the players.

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