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Chris “Mad Dog” Russo took a dumb shot at Bryce Harper

MLB Network and Sirius XM radio host Chris Russo took an unnecessary and dumb shot at Bryce Harper for saying he was ready to play baseball in 2020.

Let’s just get this out of the way now, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo is a bad baseball commentator and  hasn’t been good since he and Mike Francesa split their infamous radio show up years ago.

So it makes sense he is now targeting high-profile players like Bryce Harper to start a “beef” with online, as being critical of a superstar player like Harper is almost guaranteed to spark controversy and thus bring him some relevance.

Russo released a clip of his show on Twitter Wednesday afternoon berating Harper for wanting the MLB season to start simply because he, according to Russo, stunk last season in Philadelphia.

As it was quickly pointed out by former player and current podcaster Trevor Plouffe, Harper actually had a solid season, but because he’s making so much money people like Russo believe that there is an “expectation” he should be the best player in the league.

Russo went on to use a hypothetical situation involving newly signed Yankees starter Gerrit Cole and if he were to go 7-20 next season, that fans would be upset.

First off, yes, if Cole did lose 20 games for the Yankees in a shortened season that would be devastating to the Yankees and their fan base because they’re probably not making the playoffs. But secondly, Russo once again dated himself by judging Cole off of wins — a stat that isn’t determined on the pitcher’s results alone.

Sadly, it’s dumb comments like this that keep guys like Chris Russo employed, as they know how to stir the pot and bluntly, piss people off. If there’s one sure-fire way to generate traffic to a clip or show, it’s to directly attack the best player on the Philadelphia Phillies.

So I hope Russo and whoever he has run his Twitter account have the mute button ready go because Philly fans are going to be dominating that man’s mentions for the foreseeable future. And that’s the kind of justice we need in baseball right now.

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