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ESPN skipping over Sammy Sosa’s White Sox stint in Long Gone Summer is actually hilarious

ESPN barely mentioned Sammy Sosa’s stint on the White Sox and fans are mad, for some reason.

Long Gone Summer aired on Sunday night to mixed reviews, as it gave the likes of Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire a platform to plead for forgiveness. Sosa, for one, didn’t necessarily say anything that’ll sway the minds of baseball fans, or the Chicago Cubs for that matter, as the former slugger is all but begging for a return to Wrigley.

However, it’s the other team in the Windy City that’s crying foul after ESPN neglected to mention the fact that Sosa played in the South Side for three seasons from 1988-91.

Sammy Sosa once played for the White Sox for three forgettable seasons. ESPN even forgot as much.

Sosa’s emergence as a power threat didn’t happen until his move to Wrigley Field, as he hit only 28 home runs with the White Sox in the better part of three seasons. The Sox traded Sosa and Ken Patterson to the Cubs in 1991 for George Bell. He was an irrelevant footnote, despite being a once well-regarded prospect.

Why, then, are some in the White Sox community offended that they weren’t mentioned in ESPN’s documentary?

ESPN did go in some detail on Sosa’s younger days with the Rangers, but only to show the difference in style from then to his Cubs career. Sosa was barely a power threat until he got to the North Side, and quickly emerged as a perennial All-Star and MVP candidate far past his peak in the summer of ’98.

Sosa got greedy, and while he’ll never be a legitimate candidate in Cooperstown, should one day be invited back to Wrigley. If not, perhaps the White Sox could get the last laugh and let him throw out the first pitch on the other side of town.

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