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Bryce Harper ditched Cowboys fandom for Eagles after signing with Phillies

Bryce Harper went from being a Cowboys fan to an Eagles fan after signing with the Phillies.

Bryce Harper used to be a Dallas Cowboys fan, but after signing with the Philadelphia Phillies, he’s now a fan of Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. Harper was never shy about voicing his NFL allegiances throughout the first seven seasons of his career with the Washington Nationals when he let is be known he supported America’s Team.

Harper was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was a fan of the Cowboys because his dad was a fan. When he came to Philadelphia, it was obvious his football fandom wouldn’t sit well with Eagles fans.

Late last week, Harper joined Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson on his new podcast, Outside the Lane. On the show, the pair discussed a lot of things, including what Harper would do if baseball doesn’t come back in 2020.

Harper said, while likely joking, that if there was no baseball season, he would suit up and play for the Eagles. He also added that he is now a die-hard Philly fan, this putting his Cowboys allegiance in the rear-view mirror.

Bryce Harper is a big fan of Carson Wentz and the Eagles.

“Hey man, I’m Eagles through and through, kid,” Harper told Johnson. “That’s it. Changed my ways. Changed my ways, man.”

Johnson recalled a story about how he confronted his grandmother about being a Cowboys fan, and that prompted Harper to come clean on his team. Knowing Harper is an Eagles fan definitely calmed the nerves of some Phillies fans.

He’s also a supporter of quarterback Carson Wentz and how his relationship with the guys has helped turn his Cowboys fandom in for the Eagles.

“The way you guys prepare, the way you guys do it, I think that was kind of one thing that when I was in DC I was like, ‘I always rooted for the Cowboys when I was growing up and things like that.’ It was like, my dad did it and so I did it. But then a couple of years back, I was like, I don’t really watch it as much, I don’t know the guys.

“Now, like, getting to know you or Carson [Wentz] or anybody that comes over to the Bank or things like that, man I root for you guys every week.”

Hypothetically speaking, if there was to be no baseball season in 2020, what would it look like if Harper played for the Eagles. What position would he play? Harper is 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds, so he would certainly have the size to play in the NFL.

Could he be a wide receiver? How about a tight end? Maybe Harper could play linebacker. Wherever he plays, there is no doubt that he has the competitive edge to play in the NFL.

Harper signed a massive, 13-year, $325 million deal with the Phillies in February 2019. In his first season with the Phillies, Harper hit .260, with 35 home runs and 114 RBIs. If there is to be a 2020 season, Phillies fans Harper can take another step forward.

In all seriousness though, Harper, like maybe baseball fans, are hoping some conclusion can be made and there can be a season. But, until then, sports fans can ponder on what Harper would look like if he were to play in the NFL.

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