Surprise new duo to buy New York Mets emerges, and fans should be hyped

The New York Mets are still up for sale, but a billionaire duo could change that real soon. 

As the sale surrounding the New York Mets continues to be a circus, two new contenders have joined with ringside tickets.

According to Variety, David and Simon Reuben are billionaire entrepreneurs with a very real interest in making a bid to buy the Mets. If it all works out, they could be the next best thing to a sibling duo has done for New York this side of the Safdie brothers.

If Mets fans are wondering who these mystery brothers are, a quick dive into where they came from should cause excitement.

The brothers, who were born in India and moved to London as teenagers, have a combined net worth of about $14 billion — built on one of the largest portfolios of retail, office and residential properties.

You don’t need to be a math whiz to realize that’s a lot of money, which could give the Mets the spending capital they need to finally match the prowess of the Steinbrenners in the Bronx.

No longer would the Mets be little brother, or at least the potential to finally escape the shadow of the Yankees would be as real as it ever was. Not since 2000 have the Mets been this close to matching their crosstown rivals, as the Rueben brothers would have plenty of money to pump into the franchise and create another titan in New York.

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