Baseball is officially back and Twitter justifiably freaked out

Oh yes, it’s officially official. Baseball is back, and MLB finally stopped teasing fans to deliver some much-needed good news.

Major League Baseball’s Opening Day is set for July 23 or 24, with players set to report to camp by July 1 to undergo COVID-19 testing. The last hurdle for both sides was agreeing to safety provisions, which thankfully was not met with any animosity, as being comfortable with such a standard is vital given we are still in a pandemic.

With MLBPA delivering the news via Twitter, players and fans alike were able to react to the news live. As is always the case, we were gifted with some true hilarity.

Twitter’s reaction to the MLB-MLBPA agreement was fantastic.

So…what are we supposed to do with our hands?

Literally freak out, apparently, but hopefully not in a crowded bar.

Now we know who to thank for such a breakthrough, and it’s Reds outfielder Nick Senzel. Who would’ve thought?

Bryce is amped, and it’s tough to blame him. For the first time in months, we know when and where. But where’s the Phanatic?

We can’t all be happy, Houston. While the Astros won’t be booed until 2021 at the earliest, they’ll deal with the wrath of opposing pitchers one way or another.

Polar Bear has a sense of humor about this whole thing. New York Post columnist Phil Mushnick probably doesn’t.

MLB is quite literally back from the dead, in this case.

In the end, even stubborn heads prevail.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic will have the final say over whether MLB, or any sports for that matter, can be played. For at least one night, though, we can make jokes and consider our team’s chances in a shortened 60-game season.

Even the Orioles have a chance.

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