Charlie Blackmon among Rockies to test positive for COVID-19 and MLB return off to rough start

On the same night MLB announced plans for a 2020 season, three Rockies contracted COVID-19, including Charlie Blackmon.

While players were uncertain as to whether there would be a 2020 season, many adopted the “when and where” mantra, seemingly daring the owners to agree to their terms. While that goal was finally accomplished on Tuesday night, it doesn’t come without risk. COVID-19 is still running rampant across the country, and baseball players, like the rest of us, aren’t immune to its impact.

Three members of the Colorado Rockies — Charlie Blackmon, Phillip Diehl and Ryan Castellani — have all tested positive for the virus.

MLB must deal with the realities of COVID-19, and the Rockies already know that far too well.

Coors Field has been shut down for the week after the three tested positive. All staff and players were tested after the fact, but thankfully all those results came back negative.

Blackmon is a four-time All-Star and further proof that, as has been the case in other sports, big names will be affected by coronavirus throughout the season. It’s an unfortunate fact that MLB has prepared for as much as it possibly can, with players being tested the minute they show up to facilities leading up to July 1.

Thankfully for the Rockies, one of their more productive players has tested positive early, which ideally means he’ll be able to self-quarantine and ready himself for Opening Day, which is currently scheduled for July 23 or 24.

The exact specifics cannot be identified because they are private medical records, but only one player has shown symptoms, while the other two are asymptomatic.

MLB rosters are set at 30 players for this year, so if for any reason the three aren’t ready for Opening Day, Colorado will have plenty of reinforcements to choose from, including a roster of replacement players scheduled to remain active in Nashville.

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