Having a Major League Baseball season in 2020 is pointless

Major League Baseball summer camps will open up on Friday and the season is set to begin later this month. What is the point of having a season at all?

It was scary when the sports world was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many had hoped to see sports back by now. The pandemic doesn’t appear anywhere close to being over, but despite that, sports are determined to find their way back.

Major League Baseball’s entire season was put on hold when coronavirus cases began to increase in the United States. Players were taking part in spring training at that time, and once the NBA and NHL were forced to shut down (what they thought would be temporarily), MLB made the decision to discontinue spring training and postpone the start of the season.

Fast forward three months and MLB has a plan they’re looking to roll with. The season will consist of 60 regular-season games and then the postseason, which honestly just seems pointless.

For one, if the league is even able to get through the entire season, that’d be shocking. The coronavirus is still wrecking havoc on the nation, with several states seeing a major spike in cases (and they’ll continue to spike due to the Fourth of July festivities people have planned this weekend).

How does MLB plan to get through an entire season without a player, manager or other personnel testing positive? If anyone from any team tests positive, the entire league will likely be forced to shut down and this whole cycle will continue again, so there’s one issue with going forward with the 2020 season.

Another reason is that even if the World Series is played, should the winner of that series really be all that proud? They’d be crowned the victors in a 60-game season when a normal season is 162 games and an absolute grind. Whoever is crowned World Series champions in 2020 will forever have an asterisk next to their name.

I understand that people want sports back. Trust me, I want to see sports back on my television too, but at the same time, having a 2020 MLB season doesn’t seem worth it at this point. Some players have even decided to opt out and not play in 2020 due to the risks of potentially testing positive.

This pandemic is nowhere near close to being over and as soon as one individual tests positive in the MLB, the entire league will be in jeopardy. The 2020 season should be canceled and the organizations should just look to playing ball in 2021.

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