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Rangers are getting blasted on Twitter after new photos of stadium were posted

Baseball fans everywhere are bashing the Texas Rangers and the new photos of Globe Life Field’s design.

With Major League Baseball set to return in late July, it’s still unclear how long Texas Rangers fans are going to have to wait before they can make their way to the team’s beautiful new stadium. MLB’s plans have been for no fans (for now) to be allowed to watch the games in person, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said that they could attend at 25 percent capacity.

Either way, despite all the excitement surrounding the Rangers’ new Globe Life Field, the internet warriors went ahead and had a field day in trolling the team after a new picture went up showcasing the outside of the monstrous facility.

Twitter trolls aren’t holding back going at the Texas Rangers

The hate didn’t stop there, though. Indeed, the Rangers public relations team is probably feeling terrible right now after seeing all of the bashing they’re getting right now. People on Twitter can be so mean… and accurate we might add.

The tweets above are only a small sample size of what’s been said on Wednesday. If you’re a Rangers player, or fan, you should probably stay off Twitter for the rest of the day.

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