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Giants’ Buster Posey still not sure he wants to play in 2020

Buster Posey still not sure he wants to play in 2020.

In the next few weeks, we will begin hearing who is and who isn’t planning in the MLB’s shortened season. Some players, like David Price of the Los Angeles Dodgers, have already announced they won’t be playing this season. Others have already committed to playing through the short season and getting back into the swing of things (pun intended)

San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey, on the other hand, just isn’t sure what’s hell decide … yet.

According to Mark W. Sanchez, the 2012 National League MVP has a lot of options to weigh and won’t be making his final decision for a few weeks.

“I think there’s still some reservation on my end as well,” Posey said. “I want to see how things progress here over the next couple of weeks.

I think it would be a little bit naive or silly not to gauge what’s going on around you. Not only around you here but paying attention to what’s happening in the country and different parts of the country. Obviously unprecedented times right now. Most definitely I’ve thought about [opting out] and talked about it with my wife quite a bit.”

The team supports Buster Posey either way

Giants manager, Gabe Kapler, says he’ll support whatever Posey decides.

“Whatever Buster decides to do, myself and the organization are going to support.”

At press time, no Giants player had opted out.

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