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Carlos Correa making odd request of wife to stay safe from COVID-19 during MLB season

MLB players have to go above and beyond to stay safe during the COVID-19 shortened MLB season.

As if the Houston Astros didn’t have enough drama to deal with entering the MLB season, Carlos Correa just came after salons everywhere. The Astros infielder understands the challenges MLB players face this coming season, as they aim to complete a shortened schedule while also keeping their friends and families safe from COVID-19. The other side of that risk is avoiding bringing the virus into the locker room.

Unlike in the other major sports, the MLB season won’t be played in a bubble of sorts, so it’s tough to minimize risk. Correa spoke directly to this point, stating that he (and even his wife) would have to take precaution.

Carlos Correa and his wife are being extra safe to avoid contracting COVID-19 during the MLB season.

At a press conference, Correa claimed that he’s asked his wife to avoid going to public places, such as the salon, during the season.

“It’s up to us players what we do when we leave the stadium. I feel like if u go home there’s a really low chance that u can contract COVID. My wife she knows, no getting her nails done, no getting her hair done right now,” Correa said.

The pandemic has rightfully moved us past what was an entertaining offseason storyline involving the Astros sign-stealing scandal, and how players on rival teams would react to such news. The Astros, previously at risk of receiving the vitriol of every fanbase, now only have to worry about their opposition. MLB has taken initial steps to dissuade conflict between teams, as close contract is prohibited, and that should benefit the Astros immensely.

Rising COVID-19 cases in Texas make Correa’s rather extreme actions unfortunately appropriate. If baseball is to occur, everyone needs to pitch in, even the family members of the game’s greatest stars.

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