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MLB COVID testing is already facing major issues

Despite MLB’s initial positive reviews involving COVID-19 testing, Monday has already revealed gross incompetence within the system.

While fans are thankful for a 2020 MLB season, in order for the players to fully buy-in, their safety needs to be a priority. There were bound to be a few bumps in the road, but the slow turnaround for test results — or in some cases a lack of testing for COVID-19 at camps — has resulted in delays as teams aim to ready themselves for regular-season action in just a few weeks.

The World Series champion Washington Nationals were the latest team disappointed by the lack of transparency, and have thus canceled Monday’s workout after the holiday weekend.

The Washington Nationals joined the Oakland Athletics, Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels as teams to face hurdles in MLB COVID-19 testing.

Considering the 60-game season was implemented by commissioner Rob Manfred after owners and players couldn’t come to an agreement on a slate of their own, MLB’s finest have every right to be cautious. As coronavirus cases rise around the country, sports would be a welcomed distraction, but only if it makes sense for those involved and their families to provide said entertainment, but in a safe and responsible way.

Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle initially raised concerns to the press about a lack of resources and turnaround on testing, which could leave players at risk should a positive COVID-19 patient unknowingly expose teammates.

This is not to suggest that MLB players don’t want a season. As Doolittle pointed out himself, they merely want to do so by the safest means possible. As of Sunday, Washington was yet to receive the gloves and masks they were promised, and when paired with testing delays it offers up and uneasy feeling for a group of men already putting themselves at risk for our benefit.

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