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This is the game every MLB fan should be watching in 2020

This is the game every MLB fan should be watching in 2020

This season is all kinds of messed up. We aren’t getting as much baseball, we aren’t getting full teams and we aren’t getting the chance to see our favorite teams in person. But there is a silver lining in this COVID-19 era season and that’s the Dodgers vs. Astros rematch of sorts which takes place Sept. 12 and 13.

We all remember the now infamous 2017 World Series when it was all but set the Los Angeles Dodgers would win their first World Series since 1988. Then something happened and Dodgers fans watched the secured dreams slip slowly from their grasp.

Somehow, the Houston Astros had stolen the title from the Dodgers in arguably one of the most exciting World Series in modern MLB history.

The Dodgers won Game 1, then lost Game 2 in the 11th inning. ‘It’s OK’ Dodgers fans thought, ‘It’s just one game.’ But then Game 3 rolled around and the Astros nabbed that one too. Game 4 the Dodgers secured a win to tie up the series in Houston and faith in the boys in blue returned. Then, returning for Game 5 we had a wild high-scoring game with the Astros securing the lead in the 10th inning. Hearts began beating all over again. The teams returned to Los Angeles and the Dodgers tied it up again. On to Game 7 in Los Angeles. This was it. The Dodgers were going to win at home and the whole city was going to celebrate.

Unfortunately, Houston nearly shutout the Dodgers allowing just 1 run to their 5 and the series was there’s.

Dodgers fans still cry thinking about how close they came.

The Dodgers vs. Astros in 2020 is a rematch to 2017’s World Series blunder

Then, years later news broke that the Houston Astros were cheating and that could be traced back to their 2017 appearance against the Dodgers. The MLB punished them, but for the Dodgers, the damage was done.

This will be the first time the two teams will come together since the cheating scandal emerged, and they’re playing in LA. It’s probably a darn good thing there are no fans in the stands. This is the game everyone should be watching. How will the players react to each other? How will the commentary explain what happened? Who will win the rematch?

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