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Even the Pirates logo knows it needs to wear a mask

Even the Pirates logo knows it needs to wear a mask.

If a cartoon MLB logo can wear a mask, so can you. On Tuesday an astute Pittsburg Pirates fan noticed the pirate logo at PNC Park had taken its normal red and white bandana and placed it over its mouth and nose just like good citizens of the world should be doing.

This isn’t the first time the logo has been used but it’s the first time since players were in the park and the first time on the big screen over the playing field.

Upon further investigation, Pirates fans can actually get this exact logo on a t-shirt with proceeds going to “local COVID-19 relief efforts.”

The Pirates will get back to action, along with the rest of the MLB in a shortened season starting July 23. The Pirates’ season opener is set for Friday, July 2 against the Cardinals in St. Louis.

Why has mask-wearing become such a point of contention?

Mask-wearing has become highly controversial with videos surfacing daily where men and women refuse to wear the required safety item. Many claim it’s difficult to breathe, others insist it infringes on their rights. The FFA requires masks to be worn at all times and many states have also issued a mandate. Some cities are even fining people caught in public without them.

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