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Mike Trout’s mom makes powerful COVID-19 statement using photo of son rounding bases in mask

Mom is always right, and Mike Trout’s mother is no exception.

With the majority of the country fighting a sudden resurgence in COVID-19 cases, there is no simpler action one can take to help out than wearing a mask to limit the spread of the virus. Doing so isn’t necessarily comfortable, but serves as a way to protect our neighbors.

On Sunday, a photo of Mike Trout running the bases with a mask on emerged, and his own mother used it as a public service announcement. In an ideal world, there would be no hesitation to keep a safe distance and wear a mask in any public appearance, but that hasn’t been the case thus far in the United States.

Mike Trout’s mom posted a photo of her son rounding the bases with a mask on as a public service announcement.

Trout has expressed concern about playing during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially because his wife is pregnant. Putting her, and his unborn child, at significant risk is not something Trout took into account when signing his record-breaking contract, and who can blame him?

Trout’s unwillingness to commit to play the season despite showing up at Angels camp brought to light the internal conflict of many players in similar situations. This, along with stars such as Atlanta Braves’ slugger Freddie Freeman’s own battle with COVID-19, suddenly put a face on the pandemic for many ball-players who’d been told they were far too healthy to have anything to worry about.

But as younger generations become more susceptible to a virus that, to this point, doesn’t have a legitimate vaccine, athletes who are now forced to earn their living in the public eye face the same risks.

Trout and other MLB players should be respected regardless of their decisions, and the four-time AL MVP has to this point proven himself an excellent ambassador of public health for his own generation, and beyond.

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