Brock Holt’s comments on MLB restart bring up a whole new concern

Brewers utility man Brock Holt didn’t consider opting out of MLB season for a surprising reason.

While some MLB players are exercising their right to sit out the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Milwaukee Brewers utility man Brock Holt has other ideas. Holt, who spent the majority of his career as a fan favorite with the Boston Red Sox, has a pregnant wife at home, which adds an entirely new protective element to the equation. Holt still plans on playing, though, as he sees this as a make or break year in his baseball career with no contract beyond 2020.

Players around baseball have received a rude awakening after their initial excitement to play a shortened 60-game regular season. Such pessimism isn’t a good look for Rob Manfred, who implemented such a campaign after weeks of failed negotiations.

Brewers’ Brock Holt wants to play this season, as it could make or break his career.

Red Sox fans were unhappy when Holt left Boston, as he put up more than respectable numbers at Fenway Park. While never emerging in a true starting role, Holt can play any number of positions, including just about anywhere on the infield, and both corner outfield positions. That flexibility, paired with a batting average just short of .300 the past two seasons, makes for an intriguing option in a season that ought to test the depth of every MLB franchise.

At 31, Holt is on the wrong side of his baseball prime, and if he has yet to secure a starting role at this point, it’s fair to wonder if that’ll ever happen, in Milwaukee or elsewhere. Holt will get his reps this season assuming he can stay healthy by necessity. With COVID-19 cases on the rise nationwide, even top athletes aren’t safe from contracting the virus, as we’ve already seen with the likes of Freddie Freeman.

Players who contract COVID-19 face a 2-3 week recovery period, at minimum. While MLB has allowed for more flexible rosters, having a player like Holt who has so much experience as so many different spots on the diamond is valuable.

Final season or not, this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Brock Holt.

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