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Here’s when Dodgers fans could have first chance to boo the heck out of the Astros

The Los Angeles Dodgers faithful will have their chance to boo the Astros in 2021, if fans are allowed in stadiums at that point. 

The MLB had a pretty difficult time getting a 2020 season underway, to say the least, but that didn’t stop the league from moving right on to scheduling the 2021 season.

On Thursday morning, the schedule for next years’ season was released, and the matchups between the Astros and Dodgers that are slated to take place on Aug. 3 and Aug. 4 have us all excited. As many baseball fans know, the Astros were recently caught cheating with using a camera in centerfield and banging on a trash can in order to steal pitching signals from the opposing team.

It was also revealed that the Astros engaged in this illegal practice while winning the 2017 World Series where they beat the Dodgers in seven games.

Many Dodgers fans, and even the Los Angeles City Council, did not take this news very well and feel like they should have that 2017 World Series title awarded to them after the fact.

The Dodgers can get some revenge for the 2017 World Series

Although stripping the Astros of their title and awarding it to the Dodgers was not part of the MLB’s punishment, it does not change the fact that an incredibly good Los Angeles team was cheated out of a World Series victory.

Now the Astros have become the most hated team in the MLB, even more so than the Yankees, and are especially hated by the Dodgers and their fans.

Since the fans themselves can’t take any official action to punish the Astros for what they did, they will have to resort to booing the Astros as hard as possible when they come to Dodger Stadium in 2021.

This, of course, hinges on whether or not fans are allowed into ballparks in 2021, which is impossible to predict, but let’s hope for the best, so we can see what will likely be some very intense boos.

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