Francisco Lindor pimps home run in best way possible off Mike Clevinger

Francisco Lindor took Mike Clevinger to task for throwing a meatball

Sure, baseball during a pandemic is incredibly dangerous, but from the players’ perspective, what’s the point if you can’t have some fun with it? Francisco Lindor wears his personality on his sleeve, and that’s never been more evident that when he’s on the diamond. So, despite all the uncertainty surrounding the shortened 2020 MLB season, Lindor is ready for game action.

In Cleveland’s intrasquad game on Friday, Lindor hammered a home run off teammate Mike Clevinger. Now, keep in mind, this was after Clevinger struck out Lindor twice a few days prior. So, the All-Star shortstop embraced his revenge and then some.

Francisco Lindor embraces uncertainty in the 2020 season.

Yes, what you saw there was Lindor breaking into a full sprint and then pimping his home run in the best way possible as he rounded third heading into home. We’re talking a somersault, and it was done without a hiccup.

Despite all of the trade talk that’s surrounded Lindor for the past season-plus, he remains one of the best teammates in all of baseball. His enthusiasm for the game is contagious, and while his production alone would make him a fan favorite, the way he plays makes him very tough to root against.

Cleveland ownership has been floating the idea that they won’t be able to afford him when he becomes a free agent after the 2021 season, which will be a tough sell for baseball fans in the Land should it come to fruition.

Mike Chernoff is between a rock and a hard place. To risk losing Lindor for nothing is a tough pill to swallow, but dealing a generational talent isn’t much better. Who wants to be known as the GM who traded away Francisco Lindor?

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