Logan Morrison jokes about playing in front of no fans in 2020

Logan Morrison took a jab at two of his former teams.

MLB players are preparing for what will be a bizarre 2020 season. Stadiums will be empty, at least at the start, and some players may feel like they are taking part in a scrimmage. Logan Morrison is one veteran who doesn’t appear worried.

Morrison is a well-traveled player who is now with the Milwaukee Brewers. He got his start in the league with the Miami Marlins and has seen his fair share of empty stadiums.

The man known as “LoMo” made sure to point out his past when asked about playing in front of no fans.

Logan Morrison is prepared.

Sorry Marlins and Rays fans, but he isn’t wrong.

Looking at the 2019 attendance numbers tells a story about both Florida teams, which has been true for quite some time. Let’s start with the Marlins. Miami was the only team to not get at least one million fans through the gates last year. The team finished with an average of just over 10,000 fans per game.

Right above them came the Rays with an average of 14,734 fans per game. And they even made the postseason! The lack of attendance in St. Pete is not a new story, and Morrison dealt with it during his two years with the franchise from 2016-17.

There are surely some diehard Marlins and Rays fans who get upset whenever low attendance is brought up. But Morrison does have a point about already being prepared to play with little noise coming from the stands.

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Will this be an advantage for teams like the Rays and the Marlins? That is entirely possible if players on more popular teams take time to adjust to getting the proper motivation when the only noise is coming from the dugout.

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