Manny Machado’s batting practice attire should inspire Russell Westbrook (VIDEO)

Manny Machado set the tone for all future batting practice sessions.

Manny Machado was born in 1992, so he decided to dress like it was 1992 for some BP.

The San Diego Padres infielder is in his second year of what’ll surely be an albatross of a contract in a few seasons. In his entire life, the Padres have made the NL postseason four times. Only five times have the Padres ever played in the postseason. Bruce Bochy was part of all five teams, first as a backup catcher in 1984 and the latter four as their big league skipper from 1995 to 2006.

The last time the Padres reached the postseason Machado was a freshman in high school. Bochy has won three World Series since as the former manager of the division rival San Francisco Giants. So who knows if the Padres will be the least bit good during this 60-game coronavirus 2020 MLB season? All we know is that Machado looks like Skeeter Valentine from Doug in the batter’s box.

Of course, Twitter baseball traditionalists ripped the well-compensated infielder for his vibrant South Florida-looking get up. Why should he apologize? He came into this world in 1992. The U was still The U, as Gino Torretta won the Heisman Trophy quarterbacking the Miami Hurricanes. We didn’t even have the Florida Miami Marlins then, just The U and the Miami Dolphins.

Russell Westbrook has to admire what Manny Machado wore at work today

Houston Rockets point guard Russell Westbrook needs to see this and realize he’s got to step his game up with these pre-game get-ups. He’s the best there ever was, but Machado seems to have found his calling. He may be one of the best talents in the game, but why is he always behind Bryce Harper and Mike Trout in the eyes of many? This is how he wins, with one look at a time.

There was a time in our parents’ lives where Wacky Tie Wednesday was a thing. Now most of us haven’t put pants on in months. These are the epic lives we lead these days. Thankfully, baseball is starting to have some fun again. So when Machado finds his best friend Doug and gives him a best friend hug, let’s hope they’re not banging on a trashcan because that doesn’t work out at all.

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Machado is doing his best to keep some of that beautiful Chargers power blue in sunny San Diego.

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