Fans can have their face in the stands at Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers are offering fans quite the unique opportunity.

MLB teams are facing major losses of revenue without fans in the stands in 2020.

Teams now have to find unique ways to make back some money and also keep fans engaged. The Los Angeles Dodgers have found a unique way to do that.

The Dodgers sent out an email, shared by one fan on Twitter, pitching the sale of cardboard cutouts to be placed on seats this summer.

Dodgers getting creative

This is a fun idea until you see it will cost several hundreds of dollars. However, one benefit is that the money going toward the giant picture of one’s own face will be used to benefit charity.

If anything this is a fun idea and something for Dodgers fans with extra money to do for a unique experience during what is one of the more bizarre years in modern history. Fans even get to take home their own cutout at the end of the year and those could end up being collector’s items one day.

The hope now is that some celebrity fans will decide to get their face placed prominently on a seat in Dodger Stadium. That, or one unknown fan gains notoriety for showing up on every broadcast.

This is at least one way fans can be engaged without going to actual games in 2020. The Dodgers were also wise to not profit from the sale. That would just look greedy and giving the money to charity is also the right thing to do.

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Anyone laughing at this opportunity must remember it is likely this will sell out and do so fast. It will be fun to see what faces grace the seats at Dodger Stadium to add to the insanity of the 2020 MLB season.

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