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AJ Pollock details ‘frightening’ COVID-19 experience ahead of MLB start

AJ Pollock details ‘frightening’ COVID-19 sickness ahead of reporting to work this week.

When all of your favorite Los Angeles Dodgers players were reporting back to work, there were a few who were mysteriously missing. Of those names, AJ Pollock, Kenley Jansen, Pedro Baez and Gavin Lux, we are slowing realizing the reason for their lateness. Now Pollock has revealed he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was actually sick too.

Pollock, who was sick alongside his wife, said he suffered from “headache and body aches. It was frightening.” What’s worse … Pollock had a newborn baby, born at just 24 weeks. His daughter and wife are in Arizona now but his daughter Maddie is reportedly still in the hospital on a feeding tube.

“I think I got it from the hospital. Me and Kate, for 120 days, we didn’t talk to anyone,” Pollock told Media on Friday. “Literally just home, hospital, home, hospital. Frightening, but kind of in a weird way it might be a blessing. Now I’ve had it, have the antibodies for it and have some kind of defense now. Nothing is full and safe, but it’s safer.”

AJ Pollock is COVID-19 free now

Pollock reported to Los Angeles, CA this week and will join the team for the shortened 2020 season starting next week.

“I had a couple more days of symptoms like body aches, a little congestion, loss of smell,” he said. “It was crazy. It was frightening.”

Jensen, who was another late arrival, also revealed he had suffered from COVID-19.

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