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Rockies’ Daniel Bard’s story is the best thing in sports right now

Rockies’ Daniel Bard’s story is the best thing in sports right now.

Turning on the TV, browsing the internet, or checking your social media immediately turns into a plethora of bad news, troubling stories, and life-altering announcements. So when there’s a shining piece of good news in this crazy year, we grab ahold of it and we grab tight.

That’s what’s happened when we heard the story of Colorado Rockies pitcher, Daniel Bard.

You see, while many of us are facing unemployment, he’s finally re-living a dream he thought might have never been possible.

Bard has been officially made a part of the Rookies 40 man roster marking his return to the MLB for the first time in seven long years.

Daniel Bard will play in the MLB for the first time in seven years

The 35-year-old will appear on the mound for the Colorado Rockies. The last time he appeared in the MLB was in the 2013 season with the Boston Red Sox, he made only two appearances that season. The Sox placed him on waivers and he bounced from team to team before settling on retirement in 2017. From there he accepted a coaching job with the Arizona Diamondbacks and has since worked himself all the way back to the MLB in a move that many probably never saw coming.

Many of his contemporaries offered tweets of good luck and celebration.

We’ll be there watching and hoping this dream for Bard becomes even better this season!

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