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Luis Robert liking his own highlights on IG while beating Cubs is the ultimate flex

Luis Robert was too busy liking his own highlights on Instagram to worry about the Cubs.

Everyone’s rules for proper phone etiquette are different. Some kids grow up not being allowed to use their phones at the family dinner table. Being on one’s phone in school is typically frowned upon, just as it is for adults at work. For professional athletes who make millions of dollars playing sports, being on one’s phone during a game is typically considered less than professional.

However, since we’re not talking about official MLB games just yet, we’re more than willing to make an exception in Luis Robert’s case. While the Chicago White Sox outfielder was busy tearing up the Chicago Cubs Sunday evening, he took a break from the action long enough to start liking his own highlights on Instagram.

It’s quite an impressive flex, if we’re being totally honest.

In his first three at bats, Robert had two hits and one RBI, helping the White Sox build a commanding 7-2 lead by the bottom of the seventh inning. Robert, of course, did most of his damage early, but that just gave the 22-year-old Cuban plenty of time to relax and scroll through his IG feed as the game got more and more out of hand.

The White Sox still had work to do in finishing off the Cubs in this Summer Camp game, of course, but you’ve got to admire his confidence if Robert is so unconcerned about his opponent to be scrolling through his phone during the game.

Maybe it’s a generational thing. Maybe it’s a talent and confidence thing. Or maybe it’s just an MLB Summer Camp thing. Either way, we see you, Luis Robert, and we salute you as one of the rare exceptions for when it’s socially acceptable to be on your phone in the middle of your day job.

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